How to Become a VIP Sports Bettor

There are plenty of sites out there that reward you for being a high-stakes sports bettor, from offering you exclusive bonuses and enhanced odds, to extending withdrawal limits and giving out tickets to special sporting events! Read this page to discover how to become a VIP sports bettor yourself, and to see what could be in store for you if you do.

On this page you will:

  • Discover the perks of joining a loyalty program
  • Find out how to get invited onto a VIP scheme
  • See what rewards could be around the corner

1. Join a Loyalty Program

Before you become a VIP, you need to sign up to a particular site and join a loyalty program. The concept of a loyalty program is quite simple - a sportsbook will reward members for betting on their site, and the more a member bets, the greater the level of rewards will be. Generally all bettors will automatically join the loyalty plan at the lowest level as soon as they register with a site. As you bet more, you accumulate loyalty points and rise up to higher levels.

One of the most common perks awarded are cash-back sums which relate to the volume of betting you've been doing over a specific period of time. Free bets are also commonly used to reward frequent depositors and bettors. Another very common reward is a simple bonus - generally a sum of money which can be used to bet on the site, with the amount varying according to your level within the scheme.

Finally, reload bonuses are extremely common. This is a simple matching bonus from the site, which will match a percentage of the member's deposit. This could be anything from 25% up to 100%, depending on the site and the offer. Sportsbooks don't usually have a problem being generous with reload bonuses, as it suggests that the member is betting often and also potentially losing, since they need to reload.

2. Bet Sufficiently & Regularly

The next step is joining a VIP scheme, which is slightly different from regular loyalty programs because they're not open to all members and will usually be by invitation only. So how do you join? Typically, those who are depositing and betting on a regular basis, and/or those who doing so with sufficiently large amounts get contacted directly by the VIP team and offered the opportunity to join.

Now, how much are you going to have to deposit in order to be accepted into the exclusive VIP programs? Unfortunately, there's no hard and fast rule. Suffice to say that if you're depositing four figure sums each month then you should expect to receive that call or email from the VIP team. Of course, don't recklessly bet hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a VIP invite if it's beyond your means.

3. Find the Right Sportsbook

Some sites don't blatantly advertise their VIP program as they don't want to encourage smaller players to try and get an invitation. Similar to how there's usually a curtain drawn between first class and economy on a plane, a sports betting site won't want to make its regular members feel bad by loudly advertising what the high-rolling players will be rewarded with.

For that reason, you may have to do some snooping around the site, and if necessary you can get in contact directly to find out what type of VIP plan - if any - is on offer. There are sites out there which don't offer any incentives, so be sure to avoid those, especially if you intend on making large deposits and betting regularly. The sports betting industry is a very competitive one, which means that if you're not receiving VIP treatment from one sportsbook, you can easily find a better deal elsewhere.

4. Get Rewarded for Being a VIP

If you're a VIP member of a good sports betting site, you could expect to have a dedicated account manager look after you, who can be contacted directly if you were to have any issues with your account. You'd also gain access to exclusive promotions like special enhanced odds, have your withdrawals processed more quickly, and find that your emails and calls are answered more promptly than would be the case for regular members.

What's more, deposit and withdrawal limits will be extended or even removed entirely, and the top high-rolling bettors will even find themselves receiving special gifts like tickets to sporting events, restaurant vouchers, hotel vouchers and more!