Stay Safe at Betting Sites in 2024

Do you want to gamble online, but are unsure of how safe and secure it is? If so, we're here to allay your fears. By looking through this page you're going to learn what websites you can trust, how to keep yourself safe when gambling on sports, and how external organisations regulate the gambling industry.

On this page about gambling safely in Canada, you'll find out:

  • How to spot a safe gambling site
  • How online gambling sites are regulated
  • Whether government sportsbooks are safe

Why Security is So Important

Security is perhaps the most important thing when you're looking to gamble online at a real money sports betting site. The majority of sites are safe, however occasionally one pops up that doesn't offer an honest service, and you need to steer clear of these rogue sportsbetting sites.

These dishonest sites may try and get their hands on your money and/or personal details, so it's super important you don't bet with them. But don't worry, avoiding these websites couldn't be easier - just take a look at how to spot a safe and secure site below.

How to Spot a Safe and Secure Site

Luckily, it's pretty easy to spot safe sports betting sites, as all safe sites are regulated by an external organisation, such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Their seal of approval will be found at the bottom of every page. You should also be able to see a logo from eCOGRA (or a similar organisation) on sites offering gaming, and this proves that the site is operating completely fairly. Also, sites should use SSL encryption, which keeps your details secure at all times.

Safe sportsbooks are also generally characterised as looking completely professional. If you're on a site strewn with typos and inaccuracies, it's probably not the site for you!

Online Gambling Regulators

Online gambling regulators are very important, as they're independent government organizations dedicated to ensuring that sites are acting honestly and responsibly. These agencies, such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the Government of Gibraltar, and the UK Gambling Commission, get full access to the sites they regulate and will only provide a certificate if strict conditions are met.

All sites must state who they're regulated by, and may link to the certificate directly. It's worth checking the certificate regularly, as a gambling regulator could withdraw a certificate if they find evidence of any kind of wrongdoing.

Government Sportsbooks

Government sportsbooks come under a lot of criticism in Canada, mainly due to the restricted markets and the often-low odds. When it comes to security though, they are fantastic, and provide a service that is not only safe, but also completely honest and trustworthy.

When playing at a government sportsbook, there is no need to look for the logo of a regulatory body, as the site is already being strictly monitored by the Canadian government. We would still recommend using an offshore gambling site though, as you'll simply get more for your money.

Security FAQs

We understand that security is massively important, so you might have a few questions before you start gambling online. Read through the FAQs below to see if they can help.

Yes, it's completely safe for you to bet online, providing you only play at an online sportsbook we've recommended. This is because we carefully assess the security of any site we review, and we'll only recommend the sites that pass our strict safety and security standards.

Betting in Canada is regulated on a provincial level, however this is only the case when it comes to the official government-run sportsbooks. Offshore sites are instead regulated by a government agency where they're based, such as Gibraltar, Malta and the UK.

All good sites will use SSL encryption to keep transactions completely safe and secure. What's more, the best sites are audited regularly by a third-party organisation, which will thoroughly check the safety and security systems in place and recommend improvements.

Online sports betting is not rigged when you play at one of the sites we've recommended. This is because our recommended sites are huge international companies, and they wouldn't dare risk their reputation by rigging any sporting event.

All payment methods are completely safe when visiting a reputable sportsbook. If you're still concerned about entering your banking details at a gambling website though, we'd recommend Skrill, Neteller or PayPal, as these huge companies will act as middlemen between the transactions.