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OnlineBetting.ca - Who Are We & What Do We Do?

We welcome you behind the scenes. Here you'll get an idea of who we are and why you can trust us to bring you the best in Canadian sports betting online. Meet some of our key players and learn just what we look for when we assess a site's legitimacy. Our promise is that we won't promote any site to you until we're happy that it's passed our rigorous checks.

On this page, you'll find out:

  • The strict criteria we use to assess online betting sites
  • Some of the people behind OnlineBetting.ca and how you can reach us
  • Why you can rely on us to be your sole online betting service in Canada

Who We Are

Welcome to our team of Canada-based gamblers who write all the reviews we publish on this website. The team is headed up by Karl Simmons, who has almost 15 years of experience, and has made it his mission to create the most experienced online gambling review team in Canada and beyond! Importantly, they all love to bet on sports online, and this is what makes our reviews stand out from the crowd - they’re written by bettors, for bettors. Passionate and on the ball, their knowledge and expertise will keep you on the right track.

Karl Simmons , Head Reviewer

Karl is in charge of rating sportsbooks and casino sites. Having been a keen online bettor himself for many years, he knows what's needed for a good experience and isn't shy about pointing out when a site isn't running on top form. With his commitment to our ratings criteria and quest for the best, you can trust his picks.

  • Known for: Meticulously reviewing every aspect of a site
  • Experience: 15 years
  • Pet peeve: Misleading promotions
Emma Richards , Bonuses Expert

Emma looks out for the best promotions around so players can make the most out of their bankroll. She never underestimates the value of a bonus, no matter how big or small, or the importance of a decent loyalty scheme, and that's what makes her invaluable to our team of reviewers.

  • Known for: Finding unique promotions
  • Experience: 11 years
  • Pet peeves: A lack of rewards for loyal customers
Tim Crowne , Security Expert

Tim's been making a name for himself on online gambling forums for some years now, dishing out his top tips and opinions according to his rich experience and passion. These days he helps keep our readers safe by checking all sites we recommend are secure and regulated.

  • Known for: Spotting a shady site a mile off
  • Experience: 5 years
  • Pet peeves: Promotions with lots of hidden T&Cs
Lucy Wright , Odds Expert

Our math genius, Lucy, is hot on numbers with all the credentials to prove it. Her special skills mean that when it comes to tracking down the best online odds, she's the best around. Canada bettors look no further, Lucy will show you the way.

  • Known for: Honing in on the best betting odds available
  • Experience: 8 years
  • Pet peeves: Unfair and un-thought out odds

How We Rate Sportsbooks

We won’t tell you about a site until we’ve tried and tested it ourselves. Not only do our experts have a wealth of experience in the field, we have collectively developed a strict criteria that all sites must meet before getting our stamp of approval. Designed by bettors, for bettors, it means only the best Canadian sites get past our gatekeepers. So, here’s what we look for when we review and rate an online sportsbooks:


We want to feel safe when we’re betting online. If a site isn’t using SSL (secure socket layer), we won’t go near it and neither should you. If you can’t trust it, don’t use it.

Mobile Compatibility

In today’s age of technology and smart phones, what’s the point of a site that doesn’t let you play on-the-go? All our sites will support play on mobiles and tablets, or offer a downloadable app.

Range Of Sport

Whilst we want to place bets on our nationally treasured games like ice hockey, we look for sites that offer you opportunities to bet on any sport you can think of, from football and cricket, to horse racing and tennis. A huge variety is standard amongst the bookmakers we bring to you.


So many sites out there try and lure you in with one-off free bets. This bores us. With our sites we look for regular rewards and bonuses as well as exciting welcome offers so that you get more from your bankroll.

Payment Options

We check that all sportsbooks will be handling your money with care and speed. From the options available to deposit cash, to the withdrawal process at the end, we make sure it’ll be a smooth transaction.

Customer Care

Life ain’t always a picnic, but we like to know that when something goes wrong on an online site, you’ll have a solid team on hand ready to help you. And fast. Time is money, after all.

Casino Games

As well as betting on sports online, we love the chance to play real money casino games and poker. Our top sportsbooks also offer some of your favourite games to indulge in so you’ll always have plenty of entertainment at the click of a mouse.


Further Factors

As well as the points we’ve highlighted above, we also look out for a few other key aspects that separate the mediocre from the great in the online sports betting world.

These are a handful of other ways we establish our betting site top list:
01. Odds

Countless hours have been spent by our expert team scouring the web the world over to hunt down the best betting odds for our Canada-based gamblers.

02. Loyalty

We care about being looked after and valued. It's important to us to be recognised for our repeated investment and we want you to be rewarded though loyalty schemes.

03. Events Variety

Any bookmaker we recommend will cast a worldwide net enabling you to bet on international tournaments as well as much-loved national games.

04. Withdrawal

After the thrill of a win we don't want anything to come between us and our winnings. Fast payouts are a top priority so you don't have to wait.

05. Reputation

Is it reliable and trustworthy? We make sure there's nothing nasty hidden in the T&Cs or bad press out there before we promote a site to you so you know you're betting in safe hands.