Online vs Offline Gambling

One thing to think about when it comes to gambling is whether it's better to do so online or in land-based establishments. They offer totally different experiences and there are arguments in favour of them both, but which ultimately comes out on top? We've taken a number of factors into consideration to help you decide which option is best for you.

On this page you will:

  • Discover the pros and cons of gambling at online and offline casinos
  • See why online sports betting is better than in-store betting
  • Learn about the rise of mobile gambling

Online vs Physical Casinos

Playing at a land-based casino certainly has its perks. You can enjoy meeting new people, treat yourself to dinner and a few drinks, and even enjoy the live show that some casinos put on. Plus, regular casino-goers may be in line for some special rewards and a few comp'd drinks as a thank you for their continued business. Gambling at a land-based casino can be quite an exhilarating way to spend your night, particularly if it's a fairly irregular treat.

Gambling at an online casino is a less social experience, however live dealer games do allow some interaction with dealers and other players. The other perks to online gambling are endless!

The main advantage is that it's convenient, and we live in a world which values this particular commodity a lot. No need to hire a babysitter, drive to the casino or wait for a space at the blackjack table when you're playing online. Additionally the choice of games is immense, and you can flit from one to the next as you wish. What's more, online slot games tend to have a lower house edge than the casino machines, as they don't have the same overheads to pay for. In terms of value and convenience, there's no doubt that online casinos win hands down.

Online Sportsbooks Give the Best Odds

When it comes to sports betting, most people would probably agree that online betting holds the edge over offline betting. Why? If you're a member of a few different sportsbooks then you'll be able to shop around to get the best value, which wouldn't be possible at a land-based site. Additionally, if you're planning on having a couple of beers with your buddies in front of the game, you can spice up the action by instantly placing a bet on your phone, tablet or laptop.

You'll also find that odds are updated instantly and you can make in-play bets as the game or event is playing out in front of you. You'll also be able to sign up with a betting exchange if you ever want to lay bets, meaning that you can protect yourself against losses. The sheer scale of betting opportunities in front of you with an online sports book, not to mention the flexibility and ease of access, makes this option the clear winner.

The Growth of Mobile Gambling

Online gambling has grown year on year since it first appeared back in the mid-1990s, and this growth has largely been due to the steep growth of smartphone usage over the past ten years or so. They've gradually become the principal way that we access the internet, and online gambling sites have been quick to recognise this. Every major online casino or sportsbook will be accessible by phone or tablet, and will often have a dedicated app.

Other factors such as the growing popularity of in-play live sports betting have added to the overall growth in mobile gambling, and of course stronger Wi-Fi connections around the world have allowed more people to benefit from the technology. Mobile betting is very much the principal focus for online gambling sites today, and that looks set to be the case for years to come.

So What's Better - Online or Offline?

For most Canadians, the easily accessible online gambling option is probably going to win the day due to convenience, choice and better odds. However a trip to a casino can make for quite a special night out, so it's always worth trying out every now and again!