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Sports Betting Guides Hub

Looking for a fully comprehensive guide to the world of betting in Canada? Then look no further. The world of online sports betting can be a bewildering place - there are so many options out there that it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff and figure out where to bet, and just as importantly, when and how to bet!

That's where our expert team comes in - we've assembled top sports betting guides for Canadian bettors in 2024 to help you on your way to becoming an intelligent bettor, and hopefully start winning some money!

Different Bet Types

Information on the various different types of sports bet available, giving you all the details you need and simplifying the often murky world of sports betting. Whether its futures, prop bets, over/under bets, or parlays, this guide as it all.

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Sports Betting Tips

Our team is made up of industry veterans, which means that we can provide the best sporting tips for Canadians. All the information you need is in one place, in order to offer you the best tips to maximise your chances of successful sports betting.

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Biggest Sports Events

In this guide you'll find a list of the largest and most prestigious sports events in the world so you don't miss out on any betting opportunities. From the FIFA World Cup to the Superbowl and the Stanley Cup, we've got you covered.

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How to be a VIP Sports Bettor

For many, betting ten or twenty dollars a month is the optimal sports betting level for them. However, there are some big-time sports bettors out there who should know exactly what perks they should expect as a VIP bettor. On top of this, this guide will teach you how to become a VIP member of an online sportsbook.

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Sports Betting Glossary

Never get caught out by the various terms used in sports betting again, as we've provided you with a comprehensive guide to all those sports betting phrases which are likely to cause confusion.

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Regular Sporting Events by Month

This is your calendar of which sporting events are coming up around the world, so that every month you'll know which events to look out for. Never miss out on a betting opportunity again!

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Sports Betting vs Casino Betting

We take a look at the pros and cons of sports betting versus casino betting. Which offers the best potential returns and the highest risk to reward ratio? We take an in-depth look at the best option for Canadian players.

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Online vs Offline Betting

What are the pros and cons of online and offline betting? We take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of betting online and betting in traditional land-based casinos and sports betting shops.

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Betting Exchanges vs Sports Books

Which is the best option for you: betting exchanges or sports books? Our expert guide will give you the low-down on the pros and cons of each of these sports betting options, and help to point you in the right direction.

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Bankroll Management

One of the most important and neglected aspects of any type of betting is the ability to successfully manage your bankroll. Learn expert tips on how best to manage your funds, and how to turn sports betting into a profitable hobby for you.

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Matched Betting Guide

Discover more about the phenomenon of matched betting, which promises to provide sports bettors with a no-risk way to make profits, and learn how to make matched betting work for you. We also provide an FAQ section which will answer all your pressing questions.

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Best Sports Movies

If you can't get enough of sports betting, take things one step further by checking out our list of the top 5 sports betting movies. Each has a very different vibe, but they're all sure to keep you gripped - one of our recommendations has even won an Oscar!

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Why Read Our Guides?

We want to make you the best bettor possible, and we do this by directing you towards the best online sportsbooks, and by creating a series of guides purely for our Canadian audience. These guides will teach you everything you need to know about betting, from the different types of bets and top sports betting tips, to becoming a VIP bettor and the phenomenon of skins betting.

While it may be tempting to simply plump for the sports betting site which offers the best opening bonus and take a punt on a random bet, our experience tells us there are much better ways to go about it! We hope you can see that we've provided the ultimate guide for Canada, covering all of the above aspects.