Privacy & Cookie Policy

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy (collectively referred to as the "Privacy Policy") should be carefully read by all users of this website.

This Privacy Policy has been written by (referred to as "company", "we", "our" or "us" throughout this document) in order to let our users know how we collect and process information.

Our website provides information on sports betting, casino games and the sports betting industry, and will contain links or advertisements to external third-party websites and related third-party content (referred to as "services" when combined with our website). These third-party websites have independent and unique privacy and cookies policies. It is the user's responsibility to review the privacy policies of these third-party sites before giving any personal information.

It is to be noted that by visiting our website, you as the user give agree and content to any practices laid out in this Privacy Policy related to data that we collect, and how we then process that data.

Types of Information Collected

Using the services may lead to the collection of 'non-personal information', or in other words, the collection of non-identifiable and unidentified information.

Information such as combined usage information and technical data (such as your IP address) and other information broadcast by your device may be a part of the collection of non-personal information. This is in addition to software and hardware information, including the type of browser and operating system your chosen device uses, language and access time to our website. Some information about activity and engagement on our website may be gathered to improve functionality.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are used to differentiate you from other visitors to our website. This is done to help us improve our website's performance and to give you the best experience possible when accessing our website.

When viewing a website, a 'cookie' is distributed to the device you are using. This makes navigation between pages more efficient, as it keeps track of your preferences to help you access the services you access frequently faster and easier.

These are the cookies that we use and the reasons why they are being used:

Session Cookies: These files are kept in a temporary memory while you browse, and are deleted once the browser has been closed. These are necessary for the normal operation of our website. If disabled, our website's performance may be hindered.

Persistent Cookies: A group of cookies that are kept for a longer period of time (usually 1 year, but varies depending on the policies of the company). On our website, these are set by third-party service providers over whose policies we have no control. These cookies can be one of the following types:

  • Analytical/performance cookies: Files designed to collect anonymous user data such as what part of our website a user is visiting, how long they are spending on this part of the website, and in which order they visit various parts of the website.
  • Functionality cookies: These help us to identify you in case you visit our website again so that we can recall your preferences.
  • Targeting cookies: These track the pages and links you click on so that we can keep track of your interests and improve your user experience.

By accessing our website, you accept the use of all of the various types of cookies listed. Please note that cookies do not have the ability to identify you as an individual.

It is possible to disable cookies in your browser settings, but this may lead to a reduced performance of our website and the general services.

Third-Party Links

We do not have control over third-party websites, therefore, we do not cover privacy information (including cooking and other tracking technologies) that they may collect via hyperlinks on our website. Every site has its own privacy policy, which we urge you to read thoroughly before entering any personal data at the site in question. We will not accept any liability related to the policies of such third-party websites.

Furthermore, if you decide to follow a link to any of these sites, any potential risks incurred from the use of third-party websites to which we have referred you are knowingly and voluntarily allowed by you as the user. If our website or services refer you to a third-party site and you choose to share any of your personal information, our Privacy Policy will not be valid.

Using Your Information

Other than the reasons outlined in this Privacy Policy, we may also collect and use information from the user for the following reasons:

  • Preserving the safety and security of our website;
  • Assessing the relevance of the accessed content to you;
  • Improving and amending our services by conducting research or analytics; Additionally, we may use data to comply with relevant laws, regulations and other governmental authority requirements, or to comply with any demands from a court of competent jurisdiction or similar legal process.

Sharing Your Information

We might share data we have gathered as follows:

Service providers and others
In order to help certain trusted third-party service providers and business partners function efficiently and process user data on the behalf of the website, the company may share your personal information, such as:

Carrying out research, analytics or technical diagnostics
Strict security requirements, as outlined in this Privacy Policy and applicable law, must be adhered to when anonymized data is processed by third parties as in the methods described above.

Other Disclosures
We may share and disclose anonymized data with advisers, auditors, and any potential investors or purchasers in the company. Such data may also be shared with our affiliates and subsidiaries.

If the company has a corporate transaction interest, such as a merger, the sale of a large part of the company's business, or the purchase of another business or asset by the company, we may share data with the prospective buyer or seller of such assets and business.

Additionally, we may also share information if we deem it to be helpful or necessary in terms of legal obligations, governmental requests or applicable law; enforce any legal rights such as intellectual property; take action when it comes to any illegal activities or other types of wrongdoing, such as security issues and suspected fraud; enforce our internal policies; exercise our rights to contest legal claims; and prevent harm to our, your, or any third party's safety or rights.

Retaining Your Information

Our Privacy Policy outlines our terms for storing and processing information, and by connecting with our site you, in turn, accept such details. The security of your data is a high priority for us and we strive to process and store it as safely as possible.

Security & Transfer of Your Information

Having exceptional security is vital for both the company's services and your personal information. A significant amount of time is spent on researching and maintaining security procedures in order to adhere to industry-standard policies and procedures to avoid the unlawful use of any non-personal information. Although we rigorously safeguard our data, we cannot give full assurance that we can prevent illegal access to it or any abuse of our services.

Information is vulnerable when moving across the internet, and despite the company's best efforts to protect information when transferred to our website, security is not guaranteed. Any transmissions you make across the internet are at your own risk.

We operate globally, meaning your personal information may be transmitted to countries within and outside of the European Union ("EU"). It's essential to highlight that laws and regulations regarding data protection may be less comprehensive in countries outside of the EU. In such situations, the company will work hard to ensure you are provided with equivalent protection measures when anonymized data is collected from you. By interacting with this website, you automatically consent to the transmission of any anonymized data in agreement with this Privacy Policy.


If you are under 18 years of age, it is illegal for you to use the services. It must be stressed that these services are not for the use of individuals under the age of 18.

Updates to Privacy Policy

We urge you to reread this Privacy Policy regularly as we may have a need to revise it every so often. The most recent version is always available on our website. We will notify you of any necessary changes to our Privacy Policy. If we notify you of a Privacy Policy amendment and you continue to use our services, we regard that as your acknowledgment and consent to such changes.

Information about us

If you have any queries about the services or about the information outlined in the Privacy Policy, you can send them to [email protected].